"Making Memories" Digital File

"Making Memories" Digital File


A foggy afternoon on Seacrest Beach, Florida. An original photograph taken by, Heather Essian. This image was taken slightly out of focus on purpose. The colors in the image are beautiful and add a perfect pop of color! The blurry image takes us all back to that beautiful beach vacation where we made those special memories. This image is meant to put you right back in that place where you can feel all those warm and fuzzy feelings, hence the blurry capture. I believe it makes it especially interesting and will become the topic of conversation amongst you and your guests! Print up to a 24x36 in size. Print smaller if you like as well! (This is not a physical product. You will receive an email with a direct link to download the art file to your computer. Please back up the image for safe keeping.) Styled image by: Lark Interiors

*Not for resale or commercial uses. Please contact directly for extended licensing.

Where to have printed:

I believe that beautiful fine art deserves beautiful quality printing at affordable pricing. I recommend MPIX where you can choose from a wide variety of printing options. If you desire framing for your special print send the file to Framebridge where they can print and frame for you in quality frames at amazing pricing!

About the Artist:

Heather is not only an abstract painter, but she’s also a professional photographer! Her photography days began 19 years ago, as she first learned photography on film cameras during college. You could find her spending an entire day developing and printing her own film images in the darkroom. She still loves the art of photography and her desire to create interesting, beautiful, conversation pieces is just the same with photography as it is with her abstract art.

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