"Soar I" 41x41 Linen

"Soar I" 41x41 Linen


Acrylic, oil, and charcoal on custom 100% linen canvas made by hand and framed in a custom gold floater frame.

*This piece is a sister piece. Purchase as one or both as a pair. (Email for more info and photos.)

The story of it’s creation:

I love the 100% linen pieces for the texture, depth, and interest that they add to a space. My approach to this painting (and it’s pair) was one of patience. I wanted delicate movement while still allowing the linen to peek through. I wanted it to have mostly neutral colors but with enough pop to add interest. I grew up soaring with my Grandfather as a little girl. The way the strokes delicately grace the canvas reminds me of the way a glider soars through the sky; the wind slipping beneath it as it glides higher and higher.

Local pick up option! If you’re local to the DFW metroplex and would like to save on shipping please purchase your art and then email me and we’ll set up a time for you to pick up your art, or for us to meet if you’ve purchased a large piece of art. Shipping will be refunded to you after your purchase.

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